Supplies Materials

Formers or Moulds

Built using craftsmen’s skills.

Created using beech wood and metal mesh, with a vellum or laid paper finish and a removable frame.

Available on demand in a variety of sheet and envelope formats.

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Polyethylene mesh

Ideal for constructing formers for paper making novices.

Available in any size.

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Felt sheets

Non-woven fabric sheets. They are strong, very absorbent and easy to clean. They barely leave a mark on the paper's surface.

Available on demand in any size.

Description Price
1 m x 0,65 m 3,10


The Museum creates watermarks to order in wire or on plate.

The cost of a watermark depends on the amount of work needed.

Please ask for an estimate.  

Hollander beaters from Tallers Soteras

For grinding and refining fibres. Suitable for use in small workshops.

Driven by 220V Motor, 1·2kw.
Capacity: 1 kg fibre (30 l) / 5 kg fibre (120 l)

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