"Caput aut navis"

Inauguration: 19th decembre

Until 28th february

"Paessaggi d’instanti" MASSIMO LATTE

Inauguration: 31th october 2020

Exhibition curated by Daniela Colafranceschi


After has been exhibit at La Casa de Cultura les Bernardes the exhibition of the Neapolitan artist Massimo Latte has arrived  at the Museu Molí Paperer de Capellades

The paintings on paper Mineral Sketches are part of two series of works that the artist Massimo Latte initiated in 2014 and on which he is still working: Passaggi minerali (Mineral Transitions) and Paessaggi d'instanti (Landscape of Moments).

A work that introduces us to the landscape of the act of painting, the repetition of the gesture. Also tearing,  and  recomposing by chance. Silence.

The Drawing Lesson

Drawing is commonly considered the oldest artform we humans can identify with. But considering it from a distance the act of drawing is maybe the simplest expression we know. We just need a pen and a piece of paper. And we can start doodling on notebooks next to the telephone, on supermarket tickets, even on napkins.

But of course there is always the paper itself first. It is the main ingredient for the artistic process, the beholder and the support. It's where everything bing. But quite some material, machines and methods are needed to make a single sheet os paper. And of course also the talent and the labour of man.

The place hosting this exhibition, the Capellades Paper Mill Museum pays a tribute to this tradition.

This exhibition: The Drawing Lesson/ La Lliçó de dibuix is a selection of drawing artworks from 30 artist curated by the artist and curator Erich Weiss.


15 local artists : Yamandú Canosa, David Montlleó, Bernat Daviu, Irma Cohen, Aldo Urbano, Francesc Ruiz Abad, Josep Maynou, Javier Peñafiel, Tere Recarens, Javier Arce, Antoni Llena, Miquel Mont, Marc Badia, Rasmus Nilausen i  Pere Llobera.

15 internacional artists: Marthe Bolda (CAM), Barbara Davi (CH); Nils,Lux & Ava Nova (CH), Yuki Ofumura(JP), Iris&Scott King (UK), Dan Perjovschi (ROM), Keren Cytter (ISR), Erich Weiss (B), Thomas Galler(CH), Esra Kayira (TURK), Wieteke Heldens (NL), Marijn Van Kreij (NL), Tin Eitel (D), Leo Copers (B) , Rainier Lericolais(R).



X Riudebitlles Art Biennal

Inauguration: Saturday 10th november, 13:00h

Until 24th mars

New exhibition: Fran Bull "Papers Volants"

Inauguration: Saturday 15th September, 13:00h

Until 31th october


The exhibition, Papers Volants, represents a long collaboration among Virgili Barbarà, the Paper Mill Museum of Capellades and myself: the master printer, the paper maker and the artist. You will notice that I show a wide range of styles and themes. I am inspired to experiment as I work, and to move through many ideas and thoughts. The spirit of Taller 46, while challenging, is light and free, and there is a sense that all is possible. Over the years Virgili has pushed me to explore and to go beyond what I know, to forge into the unknown. This approach suits my artist’s temperament and aligns with my desire to discover the images and stories that lie hidden within materials and processes.

Fran Bull

Brandon, Vermont

Fran Bull, is award-winning American printmaker, painter and sculptor. She has worked for over 18 years in Barcelona at Taller 46, the studio of esteemed master printer Virgili Barbarà. Bull has developed a large body of etching, examples of which you see here. Additionally, she has made her vision concrete through the beautiful papers of Capellades and via a fruitful and warm collaboration with Victòria Rabal.
Bull has been exhibiting her work worldwide for over 40 years, most recently at Pere Pruna Gallery in Barcelona and at the Venice Biennale. Her art is included in numerous museum and university collections, ranging from the Museum of Modern Art in New York, to the Guilin Museum in China. She makes her art in Brandon, Vermont and Barcelona.

Bull’s early Photorealist paintings brought her international acclaim, but in the mid 1980’s this more identifiable approach burst open. She began to create work that could best be described as visualizations of the unseen.
Today Bull’s art seeks to connect ordinary life to larger mythic and historical motifs, themes and narratives.

"Esparto: new ground" Curated by: Luce Choules

Inauguration: Sunday 17th june, 12.30 h

Esparto: new ground is an exhibition of contemporary artworks that reimagine, reconsider and revitalize the material and poetic qualities of esparto.



David Ribas "L'art és una venjança"

Inauguration: Fridahy 4th may at 20.00h

Until 31th of may

Inspired by Paper

Inauguration: 22th december

28th february


Bell Anita
Berger-Jenisch Seping
Bludau-Hary Anna
Deutsch Alexandra
Fekken Ina
Fritschy Inez
Gustafsson Erling
GUSTAVE Marie-José
Gut Christian
Haas Lesley
Habinger Renate
Hodson Pat
Holzinger Susanne
Juras Eva Maria
Kanzu Inci
Larrea J Carolina
Mackie Elizabeth
Martinsdorf-Henrici Martinsdorf-Henrici
McLaughlin Julie
Meier Marie-Claire
Murakami Nobuko
Osterwalder Elena
Pått Irina
Rammensee Irene
Rasmussen Jytte M.
Reiche Dagmar
Ritzmann Gerda
Samour Michelle
Sobon Magda
Stiffe Gail
Süess May-Lucy
Truchta-Nowicka Miroslawa
Tschacher Helene
van Baarle Elsebeth
Viering Hans Christian
Zehnder Boeckle Susanne
Zinser Waltraud

Daniela Colafranceschi "Mediterraneo. Appunti"

Inauguration: 17th june, 13:00h


Oppening: 17th june 2017 at 13:00h




‘Mediterranean’ is an thought, a way of designing, a culture through which our territories, spaces and cities can be read and understood.
Mediterranean. Notes is, a reflection that helps me acknowledge these conditions.
To draw is to think; this is my way of thinking.
It is my way of explaining things to myself; I draw what I see, drawings are my notes. The ability to synthesize things into a drawing is a way of controlling their complexity and, perhaps, of explaining them.
They are stories as well as projects: they are parks, gardens, squares and landscapes that I would like to design.
It is a language - a way of composing and of making decisions.


Catalog: Artist's Book for Artist    (Italian, Spanish, English)     BUY IT



Photos: Roger Velázquez

Teresa Riba "Fora del paper" (Out of paper)

Inauguration: Sunday 12 th march, 12:30h

Exhibition: "Parallaxe" de Teresa Gómez Martorell

Inauguration: Oppening: 12th november at 12:30

IX Riudebitlles Art biennal

Inauguration: 12th november at 13.00h

Until 19th february 2017

Exhibition of the all the artworks participant at the IX Riudebitlles Art Biennal.


Artists participants:


Artistes participants:

Abdellah Ahaddaf
Anna Bussot Blanch
Assumpció Espada Velasco
Aura Gumà Saumell
Aurore Claverie
Olivier Azeau
Beatriz Pinto Barros
Clara Rossy ramirez
Cynthia Fusillo
Edita Kadiric
Elena Mesa Alonso
Francesca Llopis Planas
Gerard Torres Sanmartí
Guillem Carabí Bescós
Helen Maringer
Cécile Hug
Ines Schaikowski
Joan Vilajoana Cots
Joan - Júlia Codina - Sangés
Jordi López-Alert
Jordi Surroca Torrents
Karim Kharbaoui
Ko Aarts Ko Aarts
Llorenç Ugas Dubreuil
Marek Pośpiech
Margit Bu Dominguez
Maria Martínez Miró
Marta Vidal Ráez
Mercè González Martínez
Milena Rossignoli
Miquel García
Olga Serral Clarós
Oriol Texidor i Martínez
Rosa Pitarch Azorin
Miquel Sabaté Masachs
Sílvia López Rodríguez
Sofia Silva
Stella Rahola Matutes
Teresa Pla Belío
Teresa Seguí Guinovart
Tona Romeu i Alemany
Victòria Benítez Blanco
Lesley Yendell
Laurent Perche

Joshua Goode "The Mammoth Balloon Funerary Boat"

Inauguration: Friday 26th at 20.00h

From 26th august to 13th november 2016

During the summer of 2016 Joshua Goode, The Aurora-Rhoman Institute of Archaeology and Cultural Relics discovered artifacts from an ancient Texas civilization at Abric Romani in Capellades. Their most significant discovery is The Mammoth Balloon Funerary Boat. This prehistoric flying device was used during funerary ceremonies as a way to transport the dead to the afterlife. Designed the same way as modern hot air balloons, a mammoth skin was inflated and a boat with the mummified body and possessions of the deceased was suspended beneath it. This is the first example of the mythical Mammoth Balloon Funerary Boat and it is theorized that it was for a small child, this is based on the small size of the boat and the use of a baby mammoth skin for the balloon.

Also found near the balloon was the Lion Man Knife. This was the ceremonial knife used to skin the mammoth, it has a wooden blade and the handle is made of ivory and is carved to portray the Lion Man.

Joshua Googe, Chair, Departament of Fine Arts, Tarrant County College South, Fort Worth (USA)


Inauguration: Opening 30th April at 19h

From 30th April to 10th July

Dopo aver attraversato in pieno sole il giardino dell'Arena, entrai nella cappella di Giotto, dove l'intera volta e il fondo degli affreschi sono così azzurri che la giornata radiosa sembra aver varcato anch'essa la soglia assieme al visitatore per mettere all'ombra e al fresco, per un instante, il suo cielo puro

Marcel Proust

Exhibiton: "Vaivén de papel"

Untill 10th january

"Derelictes" Eusebi Vila Delclòs

Inauguration: Until 17th may


"Papelpared" Francisco Hugo Freda & Pedro Roth

Until 31th of july

New Exhibition: Mariam Shambayati "Hang me out to dry" A diary of self-portraits (21.03.2012 - 21.03.2013)

Inauguration: Opening: Saturday March 15th, 2014 at 12 noon

This project spanned an entire Iranian year, from the first day of 1391 to the first day of 1392. The Museum, the artist and Los Persiféricos would therefore like to invite you to a luncheon, after the opening, celebrating the start of spring as well as the Iranian New Year 1393. An introduction to this millenary celebration full of symbology through an interpretation of Persian cuisine, beverage and paper.

To sign-up for the luncheon
Limited numbers.

Los Persiféricos are an Andalusian-Catalán group of gastrosophers composed of Ana Ferrer, Manuel Amaro, Jaime Gastalver and Lilian Weikert.


Perico Pastor "XI'AN"

Inauguration: Saturday 24th novembre at 12 am

Until 13th January of 2013

Colette Deblé: “Dones en suspensió o la Història Citada (Women in Suspension or Quoted History) ”

Inauguration: Saturday 4th June at 13:00h

The Capellades Paper Mill Museum is pleased to invite you to the inauguration of an exhibition by Colette Deblé entitled: “Dones en suspenció o la Història Citada (Women in Suspension or Quoted History)” which will take place on Saturday 4th June at 13:00.

The exhibition has been organised by Centre de Dona i Literatura de la Universitat de Barcelona (Barcelona University's Centre for Women and Literature) and the Capellades Paper Mill Museum.

The career of the French artist Colette Deblé is presented by a lengthy series of drawings and paintings on the representation of the feminine form throughout the History of Art, articulated through images in suspension.

The exhibition is complimented by a Book-Catalogue entitled: "Colette Deblé. Mujeres en suspensión o la Historia citada”, which gathers together essential texts about the Deblé’s work by Jacques Derrida, Jean-Joseph Goux, Jean Luc-Nancy, Elina Norandi and Marta Segarra, as well as an interview with the artist by the editors Joana Massó and Xavier Bassas.