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Daniela Colafranceschi "Mediterraneo. Appunti"

Inauguration: 17th june, 13:00h


Oppening: 17th june 2017 at 13:00h




‘Mediterranean’ is an thought, a way of designing, a culture through which our territories, spaces and cities can be read and understood.
Mediterranean. Notes is, a reflection that helps me acknowledge these conditions.
To draw is to think; this is my way of thinking.
It is my way of explaining things to myself; I draw what I see, drawings are my notes. The ability to synthesize things into a drawing is a way of controlling their complexity and, perhaps, of explaining them.
They are stories as well as projects: they are parks, gardens, squares and landscapes that I would like to design.
It is a language - a way of composing and of making decisions.


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Photos: Roger Velázquez