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A Living Museum

The Capellades Paper Mill Museum is housed in the “Molí de la Vila”, an old paper mill, conserved to resemble a typical 18th century paper mill. Next To the museum, there is a small lake, known as the “Bassa”, which is a natural source of the crystalline water once used by the town’s sixteen paper mills.

Between the 18th and 19th centuries, Capellades and its environs represented the most important papermaking centre within Spain. The town’s mills specialised in top-quality deckled paper and cigarette papers. Leading manufacturers included, among others, Romaní, Soteras, Guarro, Serra or Romeu. These companies provided the bulk of demand in the Spanish, South American and Philipines markets.

The museum has a permanent exhibition room on the paper and printing systems where they run along the links of a story that runs in parallel.


Museu Molí Paperer
de Capellades

c. Pau Casals, 10
08786 Capellades
Phone: 93 801 28 50


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