Current exhibitions

Surface folds - Folded surfaces

Once again, the members of the A-FAD will create a dialogue between crafts and contemporary art in the third exhibition of associate members. The cycle began last year exhibiting in Terrassa and Vilanova i la Geltrú.

On this occasion, up to thirteen members of the organization will participate: Assumpció Espada, Carla Busquets, Carol Fleischman, Eulalia Oliver, Francesca Poza, Juan Niubó, Kima Guitart, Melchor Martí, Patrícia Aguiló, Pilar Cerdà, Sama Genís, Teresa Rosa Aguayo and Vianney Méndez.

An exhibition is proposed with works created from the reflection on the three-dimensional conceptual possibilities of paper as a matter. Folding as a modifying and transforming action of a surface.

A gesture creates a volume.
That hides behind a sheet.
A look at the transformation of a surface.
The story of a change.