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Mònica Fuster


Following its program of collaborations on creative projects, the Capellades Paper Mill Museum invited the artist Mònica Fuster to create the work UNCERTAINTY, which was exhibited in Barcelona at the Galería Maserre ( +R) where it germinated and remained until it had completed its life cycle.

It was an ephemeral project: involving the word UNCERTAINTY spelled out in mustard seeds which would germinate on a surface of paper pulp some 510 x 120 cm - conceived as a substratum. Hence, the word depended on a process, which, up to a point, was autochthonous and was conceived as open and in transformation within a delimited time: the duration of the exhibition.

What interested me in this action was connecting with the essence of the creative process and with the inherent nature of things. I was also fascinated by the fact that the meaning of the word had a real correspondence with the action, which I named: "poetic action with live plants".

The scheme had a certain occult character, which was later revealed in the space where it took place, the Galería Maserre in Barcelona. The whole process of germination, death and regeneration (after the plant dried out, lichen and moss flourished in the paper producing unreal landscapes) was recorded photographically with the intention of publishing a book by the artist, made by pulping the paper on which the work was created, finally putting an end to the cycle.

The German physicist, Weiner Heisenberg, came to the conclusion that a particle can be in two places at the same time, travel in opposite directions and can even be at two opposite poles of a hemisphere while being influenced by each other. Reality is uncertain and the uncertainty principle applies to life.

The nature of this poetic action, after some uncertainty, was unpredictable and surprising.

Mònica Fuster, September 2013


Mònica Fuster is a creative artist characterised by her untiring determination to experiment with new configurations. She has a very stimulating vindicatory approach to drawing as an essential tool. She is also well-known for her installations and site-specific projects organised around a thematic axis used as a springboard for multifaceted results. Her artistic trajectory is wide ranging; she has had exhibitions of her works all over the world.

She has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, during which, in 2003, she was considered a proficient researcher for her work on Hermetic Iconography in Alchemical Tracts of the 16th and 17th Centuries. This underscores the literary and poetic nature of much of her work which, despite its striking modern and even strident appearance, is still steeped in tradition, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say a "certain" unorthodox and exultant tradition.

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Mónica Fuster


Photos: Carles Domènec.