The Drawing Lesson

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The Drawing Lesson

Drawing is commonly considered the oldest artform we humans can identify with. But considering it from a distance the act of drawing is maybe the simplest expression we know. We just need a pen and a piece of paper. And we can start doodling on notebooks next to the telephone, on supermarket tickets, even on napkins.

But of course there is always the paper itself first. It is the main ingredient for the artistic process, the beholder and the support. It's where everything bing. But quite some material, machines and methods are needed to make a single sheet os paper. And of course also the talent and the labour of man.

The place hosting this exhibition, the Capellades Paper Mill Museum pays a tribute to this tradition.

This exhibition: The Drawing Lesson/ La Lliçó de dibuix is a selection of drawing artworks from 30 artist curated by the artist and curator Erich Weiss.


15 local artists : Yamandú Canosa, David Montlleó, Bernat Daviu, Irma Cohen, Aldo Urbano, Francesc Ruiz Abad, Josep Maynou, Javier Peñafiel, Tere Recarens, Javier Arce, Antoni Llena, Miquel Mont, Marc Badia, Rasmus Nilausen i  Pere Llobera.

15 internacional artists: Marthe Bolda (CAM), Barbara Davi (CH); Nils,Lux & Ava Nova (CH), Yuki Ofumura(JP), Iris&Scott King (UK), Dan Perjovschi (ROM), Keren Cytter (ISR), Erich Weiss (B), Thomas Galler(CH), Esra Kayira (TURK), Wieteke Heldens (NL), Marijn Van Kreij (NL), Tin Eitel (D), Leo Copers (B) , Rainier Lericolais(R).




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