XI Biennal d'Art Riudebitlles

History of exhibitions

XI Biennal d'Art Riudebitlles

Inauguration: Oppening & performance "Paper en Blanc" Sunday 27th november at 13h

Duration: 12th mars 2023

The Riudebitlles Art Biennial was created in 2000, thanks to the enthusiastic initiative of the Territori d'Art group of artists and cultural activists. Organized with the support of Sant Pere de Riudebitlles Town Council and with the collaboration of the Capellades Paper Mill Museum and Capellades Town Hall, the Biennale was a pioneering bet in its field that has managed to remain valid throughout these twenty-two years. The main objective of the Biennale is to promote, disseminate and reward the works of contemporary artists who work with paper, not only as a support but also as a medium in itself, where they explore and highlight their plastic possibilities.

Given the paper-making tradition of the Anoia and Mediona-Riudebitlles basins, the uniqueness of the Biennale is the prominence given to works created on a paper support or that use paper as a raw material. The contest, already consolidated, has a successful call both nationally and internationally.

The exhibition shows 47 works selected from 148 participants, from artists from all over the world: Andorra, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Spain, France, Guam, Holland, Honduras, Italy, Mexico , Morocco, Portugal, United Kingdom and Venezuela. On this occasion, the La Vietnamita award for the best independent and innovative art edition has also been announced for the second time. The opening will feature the performance "Paper en Blanc". An ephemeral action in the exhibition space, where the body, dance, paper and sound textures will be the protagonists. By Montse Morilla, Íngrid Domingo, Einat Tal and Zoe Balasch Arumí (dance) and Jordi Pallarès Barberà (Sound Space).

Photos: Emili Sencha

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